2019 Annual Conference, October 31 - November 2
Simon Silverman Phenomenology Center
Host Institution: Duquesne University

Registration open (see below)

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Registration - You can easly register with your credit card or PayPal account.  You may also pay with a check or money order payable in US dollars, directly to the attention of SPHS Treasurer Lenore Langsdorf, OR (address below).

Conference Fee
Email address


Lenore Langsdorf, SPHS Treasurer
155 J-J Lane
Center Point TX 78010
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Contents of Submissions
SPHS encourages the application of phenomenological methodology to specific investigations within
the human and social sciences. You are invited to participate in our engagement of phenomenology
with multidisciplinary approaches to the social and human sciences. We are looking for those who
share our dedication to theoretical, methodical and practical examinations of the Life-World. We
welcome submissions on all topics within the human and social sciences concerned with a reflective
appreciation of the nature of experience. SPHS invites submissions for conference presentations that
explore or apply qualitative approaches to the human and social sciences. Papers can engage any
relevant aspect of the human sciences in general, and can focus on specific fields such as sociology,
psychology, political science, anthropology, geography, communication, history, ecology, religion,
cultural studies, ethnic/race/gender studies, medical/health sciences, and education. Submissions on
all topics are welcome, though we especially encourage papers that advance dialogue between
philosophy and the human sciences, address the relation between theory and praxis, focus on
embodiment or present reflective investigations of the nature of experience in general. Papers should
bear substantive relation to phenomenology, broadly conceived, or its kindred traditions. In addition to
phenomenology, examples of methods and approaches relevant to the conference include
existentialism, hermeneutics, critical theory, ethnography, ethnomethodology, semiotics, grounded
theory, poststructuralism, and deconstruction. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged
to submit their work.
Forms of Submissions
Presentations may take the form of individual papers, panels, or workshops. If submitting an
individual paper, final papers are preferred, but extended abstracts will be accepted as well. For
panels submit a proposal of less than 1500 words total including individual abstracts, titles and
contact information, for each presentation. For workshops submit a full abstract of the panel of less
than 500 words with a list of all participants and their contact information. To be considered all
presentation proposals must include names, paper titles, and full contact information including emails,
affiliations, and separate abstracts for all presenters.
Keep submissions at a length appropriate for a presentation of about 20 minutes. Please identify
student proposals as such, indicating school, area of major study, level (graduate or undergraduate).
Submissions should be sent electronically as either a MS Word document or PDF file. For all
submissions, please include a separate cover sheet with complete contact information, including
email address, postal address, and telephone numbers. Also, indicate what, if any, audio visual or
electronic equipment you desire on the cover sheet. If your presentation is accepted you will be
expected to register prior to the conference. See our website for information on registration and

Johan Bodaski, SPHS Program Co-Chair
University of Pittsburgh
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Jochen Dreher, SPHS Program Co-Chair
Universit├Ąt Konstanz
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Submission Deadline: Monday, May 6, 2019
Email submissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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